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Welcome to BÜNZLI SB

SWISS precision and quality meets the world of skateboarding

High-performing board design begins here


Carefully choosen materials for optimal quality

At Bunzli SB, we prioritize a meticulous selection of materials and equipment, aiming to strike the ideal balance between optimizing end prices and delivering high-quality products.


Optimized 2-Component Epoxy based glue

We use high grade Epoxy glue over PVA. Epoxy tends to be favored in situations where high bonding strength, versatility, durability, and resistance to environmental factors are crucial. 


Aerospace-grade carbon fiber cloth

We use multiple types of carbon fiber to build our boards with

lightweight nature, optimized strength and stiffness. Fibers provide a durable and responsive deck. The material's impact resistance, flexibility, and vibration damping contribute to a comfortable and controlled ride.


Fine glass fiber cloth

By use of glass fiber material we can easily finetune flex and strength of our boards. Glass fiber allows for precise customization performance.


High density polymer bottom sheet

Polymer bottom layer of our skateboards serves to reduce friction during slides and grinds. It seals the board against moisture and contributes to the skateboard's visual appeal, protecting the graphics.




Reinforced week points

Skateboards are subject to substantial impact and stress, especially at the edges. Reinforcing skateboard edges is vital for durability, longevity, and consistent performance, ensuring the board withstands impacts, lasts longer, and provides a safer and more reliable riding experience. We dedicate considerable time to enhancing one of the weakest points in traditional skateboards


Thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly packaging

We have a commitment to nurturing and preserving the environment. Considering eco-friendly and safe packaging is essential for minimizing environmental impact, conserving resources, reducing waste, complying with regulations, bringing your products right to your hands. We aim to provide our products with everything you might need to set up your board and start skating right away.




KNOW-HOW is a must

Our continuous exploration of innovative solutions underscores our commitment to excellence, ensuring that we provide you with top-notch offerings that meet and exceed your expectations.

Essential Items

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